Parade of ducklings halts traffic on busy local road

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WACO, Texas (KTWX) Martha York of Robinson, who describes herself as “a bird nerd,” was driving on New Road by the Pilot Flying J truck stop last week in Waco when she spotted a momma and daddy duck followed by at least two dozen ducklings.

(Photo courtesy of Martha York)

“I notice they were too whistling ducks which you don’t see around here very often so I whipped my car around.”

Martha jumped out of her car and began to follow the ducks and what happened next was a sight she’ll not soon forget.

All the hustle and bustle on the busy street came to a halt as the drivers of cars, trucks, SUVs and big rigs paused to let the family safely cross the road.

“Momma and daddy duck just started marching across the road,” she said.

The ducks and ducklings made it safely across and continued on their journey on a less traveled path as Martha got back in her car and continued on but not before snapping a couple of precious pictures.

“I’m just glad they made it across safely because I have long fascination with birds. You just have no idea.”

Whistling ducks, which form lifelong pair-bonds, typically lay a clutch of nine to 18 eggs and produce one to two broods per season.