Persistent rain in Central Texas could mean pricier pecans

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SAN SABA, Texas (KWTX) Central Texas pecan producers are taking a hit from the heavy rain and flooding because it’s too wet to harvest their crops.


The Texas Pecan Growers Association says it’s not yet clear whether that will affect prices, but one grower says the news for consumers probably won’t be good.

“Now through Christmas buy what you can because we’ll see quality go downhill after that,” said Shawn Oliver, the president of Oliver Pecan Company in San Saba.

The family-owned company founded in 1970 has 30,000 pecan trees as well as a retail store, candy factory and a processing plant.

“There will be a shortage now. We had a pretty good crop,” Oliver said.

“Pecans sitting in water for a while will turn black and they will be uneatable so there are a lot of issues right now. The ones that fall now are going to fall on the ground it’s too wet to get in and harvest so wildlife is going to eat a lot of them,” he said.

The issue is the same for other Central Texas growers including those in Wilson, Bexar and Kimble Counties, the pecan growers association said.

“A grower in the Bastrop area says he cannot get his crop off the trees and it’s so frustrating because he’s only been able to harvest one day in two weeks,” said Catherine Clark, the managing editor of the association’s publication “Pecan South.”

“If you are a grower and you were making contracts with buyers or you are planning to sell your crop…all the hard work and money you put in will be going to waste.” Clark said.