Petition demands answers in death of man shot by local police officer


A petition was started to push for answers in Michael Dean shooting.

One month after 28-year-old Michael Dean was shot and killed by a Temple police officer, a petition has been launched to push for answers.

The petition, started by Terris Goodwin, had close to 2,000 signatures as of Thursday night.

Goodwin says she started the petition to "ensure that I do my part to fight for justice."

"There still haven’t been many answers. Just the lack of those answers kind of got too much for me to bear and sit back silently," she said.

Few details have been released about the deadly shooting.

Dean was shot and killed on Dec. 2 by Officer Carmen DeCruz.

A report earlier this week revealed that Dean was unarmed and the call was for a traffic stop/evading.

"I have seen news articles and people have shared those on Facebook. I can see...'Share, share! Justice, justice!'...but just not something they can channel that into and get that on paper and say this is how many people are concerned and do want answers," Goodwin said.

The community needs answers about what led to the shooting, says Temple NAACP President Bennie Walsh.

“We’re trying to hold our peace but we can only go through this for so long. We’re ready for the parents to start healing, we’re ready for the community to start healing. The only way to start healing is to get the facts out...whether it is good, bad or indifferent, we want the facts," he said.

Four weeks later, police have still remained tight-lipped about the case.

The Texas Rangers are investigating.

“We feel they are basically breast-feeding us on information to keep the community calmed down…holding us in a position of thanks, we already know," Walsh said.

As the days go on, Goodwin says she hopes others continue to demand answers.

“We want answers. I haven’t seen too many negative bashing comments, which is beautiful because that’s not what this is. That’s not what his family wants this to be…you know bashing our city, bashing our police department.”