Prepare for severe weather now, local insurance agent says

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(KWTX) With severe weather season well underway, local insurance agents are encouraging residents to prepare themselves and their property.

There’s a possibility of severe thunderstorms Monday afternoon in Central Texas and showers and thunderstorms are likely overnight and into Tuesday.

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 11 p.m. for much of hte region and a flash flood watch is in effect from 2 p.m. Monday through 7 a.m. Tuesday.

According to State Farm, Texas leads the nation in hail damage claims, with nearly 146,000 claims in 2016.

The high number of claims is partly because of the overall size of Texas, but also because of recent weather trends producing substantial amounts of hail.

Protecting your home from damage is all about paying attention to weather trends, and planning ahead.

"I can remember one storm, we had to hustle to rearrange the garage to get one car, at least in the garage, and even doing things like moving patio furniture, or barbeque grills inside the house temporarily can minimize the cost of damage,” State Farm Agent Leah McGee said.

Closing blinds, drapes and shades can also reduce blowing glass that may be broken by hail.

McGee also said it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your home before severe weather hits with pictures or a simple video.

This way, you have a working list of items if you have to make a claim with an insurance company.