Waco: Residents on edge after multiple shootings

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) For Veria Decker, a grandmother and school bus driver, the violence in Waco this week hits home.

Photo by Alex Gibbs

"The safety of the kids is the most important thing of all," she said.

"The children are our future."

A future she hopes that has the violence ending.

Police say the shooting Friday night on Trice Ave. is now the fifth reported shooting this week.

Two were hurt on Feb. 5th on Mountain View Drive. Later that same day, a home on Ethel Ave. was targeted with shots fired at the home the very next day.

The shooting on Friday evening left one person killed and three others injured. At least two are in critical condition.

"Waco used to be a safe place that you could raise kids and feel good about it," Decker said.

"But Waco's went to hell and a hand basket because of drugs."

Police believe drugs played a role in Friday night's shooting. Police also say it's too early to determine if any of the shootings are connected.

For Decker, she says parents should keep their children off the streets until the violence ends.

"Bullets don't have any names on them," she said.

"The shooter doesn't care, though. As long as it hits somebody.