Restaurant Report Card for February 6, 2019

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(KWTX) It's the worst score we've seen so far this year.

Rosita's Taqueria on La Salle Avenue in Waco got a 75 during a recent inspection.

There was buildup in ice machine and the restaurant needed a plan to clean up vomit and diarrhea.

The refrigerator wasn't cold enough to safely store food.

The food handlers needed hairnets and the sauces and meats weren't labeled as they should be.

After a re-inspection, the restaurant got a 100.

The Red Lobster in Killeen got a 91 on a recent inspection.

The health worker noted the ceiling tiles needed to be cleaned or replace all over the restaurant.

The fan guard in the microwave area and the food storage area especially needed to be cleaned.

The metal racks in the cooler were moldy and some were rusty.

McCain's Bakery in Salado got a 94 on a recent inspection.

According to the health worker, the kitchen needed some repairs and some general cleaning.

There were moldy soda spigots.

The dish washing machine wasn't cleaning items properly.

Everything from the shelves to the tabletops seen detailed scrubbing.

This week's Clean Plate Award goes to Texas Gyros on Fort Hood.

The restaurant got a perfect score of 100.