Restaurant Report Card for January 16, 2020

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(KWTX) McAlister’s Deli #517 at 1908 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen got a 95 on a recent health inspection.

Its permit was withheld until a hot water issue was resolved.

The health inspector also noted the kitchen floor and walk in cooler needed to be cleaned because of the excess food particles.

Los Cuatro Caminos on New Dallas Highway in Bellmead got an 89 on its most recent inspection.

According to the inspection report, several bags of candy did not have labels for sale in the United States.

Regulations require labels in English with information about the product including ingredients and size.

Some veggies had to be thrown out because they weren't kept at the proper temperature.

The restaurant got a 100 after a re-inspection.

Burger King off Interstate-35 in Waco got an 87 on a recent inspection.

The soda machine nozzles and self-serve area needed to be cleaned.

A report said there was buildup inside the freezer and the restaurant didn't have a plan for cleaning up vomit and diarrhea.

La Luncheonette on Penelope in Belton got this week's Clean Plate Award.

According to its website, “craft foods run in the family.”

The restaurant, which uses locally-sourced foods, started off as a food truck before it moved into a brick-and-mortar site.

Acorn squash bowls are the seasonal rave right now.

You can get Spanish, Mediterranean, and even Keto inspired dishes.

You can also take a cooking class if you feel like learning how to cook lean and green.