Ride-sharing offers a safe route home on New Year's Eve

WACO, Texas (KWTX) Many Central Texans will head out for parties on New Year's Eve, but making plans for a safe trip home Sunday night, should start as soon as possible.

Photo By: Chelsea Edwards

Susan Steiner is a Waco mother who drives for both Uber and Lyft.

""I have done over a thousand rides," she says.

She's picked up a sheriff, flight instructors and even a rocket scientist.

She also has few complaints about the intoxicated passengers that come with driving in a college town.

"Even the drunk college students are very polite."

Susan is gearing up for New Year's Eve when people will mostly likely consume alcohol.

She says downloading apps like Uber and Lyft on your cellphone take just a few minutes.

The simple step can help people avoid costly mistakes- especially when they think they haven't had much to drink.

"I've actually picked up people who have had DUI's and have said it was a stupid foolish mistake and I'll never do it again," she says.

Codes for free and discounted rides are easy to find through a web search.

Daniel Stark Law Firm is one company issuing free Uber codes for the Central Texas area through the Designated Driver Program on their website.

Even without a free ride code, Susan says the benefit of using a ride-sharing app outweighs the risk.

"I am a lot cheaper than a DUI," she laughs.

No matter which app they use, she plans to make sure her riders reach their destination safe and sound.

"There are so many times I have thought what I'm doing is really keeping someone who shouldn't be driving off the road," she says.