Rogers: Town left without police force

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ROGERS, Texas (KWTX) Rogers was left without a single police officer Thursday after its chief retired from the force, but the Bell County Sheriff's Department will step up to respond to calls in the town.

Until the community hires replacements, the Bell County Sheriff's Department will respond to calls in the town. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)

Former Rogers police Chief Robert Wireman confirmed he retired Thursday and that there were no officers left at the department.

He said Bell County sheriff’s deputies have filled the gap before when Rogers police could not respond to a call and he anticipates that will continue.

Bell County Sheriff Eddy Lange Friday confirmed that deputies will respond to calls in the town until the chief and officer are replaced, and concedes the effort will put a little more strain on his staff.

"I hope (residents) do realize that response times may not be what they are accustomed to. Our district officer is going to respond to those calls for services and of course he's got a large area to cover and may not be immediately available," Lange said.

"But our response times overall still aren't bad so we're going to take care of the citizens of Rogers just like every other citizen of Bell County."