Killeen: Rose Short opens up about 'The Voice' and her plans

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) From the streets of Central Texas to the sights of California, Killeen’s Rose Short is already leaving her mark.

Rose, who finished as a finalist on season 17 of ‘The Voice’ last month, talked to KWTX about her experience and the future.

From an early age, the Killeen ISD graduate was destined for stardom. At just 6 years old, she says, her grandmother heard her gift.

“She was standing outside my bedroom and my mother kept asking her why you standing outside her bedroom. My grandmother said, ‘I’m listening to my baby sing,’” Short said.

A move in elementary school from Germany with her military family would bring her to Killeen.

Earlier this week, Short returned to her old stomping grounds of Harker Heights High School.

“Coming back here, just feels crazy because I look at this stage and I see me in this peach suit with this French roll on my head playing this crazy character. It was my first play that I did,” she said.

In 2016, after working as a correctional officer in Gatesville — she quit. Two years later, she left another job in Temple to focus on her true love: music.

After singing across Central Texas, Short would have the opportunity to audition for ‘The Voice.’

“What pushed me to take my talents to a national level was god using my friend/manager Taundra. Two weeks prior to the audition, I prayed for exposure. So, when the opportunity came about, I was like this can’t be nothing but God,” Short said. “I was hesitant in the beginning because it’s scary when you’ve been hearing ‘no’s’ for the past 10 years, you don’t want to put yourself through that process. But because of what I prayed for and for it to happen two weeks later, I had to do it and follow my Heavenly Father.”

With all the “no’s,” it was the “yes” and turn of a chair from Kelly Clarkson and her soon-to-be coach Gwen Stefani that changed her life.

Rose would soar all the way to the top, finishing in fourth-place.

All of the hard work, the long days had paid off.

“It’s mind-boggling that my name was in the mouths of Taylor Swift, John Legend, Patti LaBelle had called our vocal coach…she was watching,” she said.

Since her finish, Rose has returned to Central Texas. The support she’s received, coming from across the world.

“To see all the love and the support and from people, I can’t begin to describe. When people come up me in tears telling me how I inspire them, I’m just like I was just a girl with a dream,” Short said.

But, her journey hasn’t been easy.

To others who may feel like giving up on their dream, Short says to keep going.

“You can’t stop. You can’t feel like it’s not obtainable because God’s hand is not short, he can do whatever he want to do,” Short said. “I’m clearly a living witness of him completely flipping my life upside down and blowing my mind. In my heart I know it’s not over with.”

So, what’s next?

“I can tell you this, I will be doing a podcast with a very special lady…that will be coming in about a month or two. Also, on Jan. 11 we will be having a Welcome Home party. Me and a couple of the contestants will be embarking on a tour, putting that together right now. Y’all just stay tuned, I’m forever working, I’m not going to stop,” she said.

A surreal moment happening after realizing the journey that she has been through. .

“I’m just…I guess I’m feeling it now that I’m talking to you, it’s hitting me that I was there. It just hit me after I said all that. This has been crazy…I feel like I have to cry now but I ain’t going to cry,” Short said.

A native of Killeen, sharing her gift to the world. A voice that we won’t soon forget.