Salado: Police remind residents to lock up trailers

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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) Salado police are asking residents for their help in preventing the theft of utility trailers.

(Photo by Tianna Jenkins)

The department posted a reminder on Facebook advising residents to lock up their utility trailers.

The post said a number of trailers have been stolen from and around the village over the past few weeks.

Police Chief Rick Ashe said two were reported stolen last weekend in Salado.

The trailers were both taken from yards the 1200 block of Southridge Road.

Ashe said police received the first report on Saturday evening after the resident noticed the trailer was missing.

He says police received another report of a trailer theft on Monday from another resident in the same neighborhood.

Ashe said officers were sent out to see if other residents had their trailers secured and found a number that could be taken easily.

“We are trying to get people to please lock them in some way they can’t be driven off that easily,” Ashe said.

He says using a ball lock or some type of locking device would make it hard for thieves to take the trailer.

He also suggest taking a wheel off to make it hard for the trailer to roll.

Charles Johnson is in the process of building his new home in Salado.

His trailer was stolen last year.

“I had to go to a funeral and was gone for a couple of days. I parked the trailer over on the corner of the lot,” Johnson said.

“When I came back it was gone.”

Johnson said he forgot to lock his trailer. Now he is taking no chances and is locking down everything he leaves on his lot.

He even offers advice to his future neighbors.

“Lock them up people and keep them locked up,” Johnson says.

“That’s the only way you’re going to keep them.”

The chief also says if someone stumbles upon someone trying to steal a trailer to call 911 and not to interfere.