Salado: Internet sensation pens children’s book

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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) A new book by a local author who became an internet sensation after a video in which she ranted about her millennial generation lacking manners and respect garnered more than 40 million views is out with a new children’s book about spreading kindness titled “Kindness Is Key.”

Alexis Bloomer. (File)

"It's funny. I wrote this book as a freshman in college and I held on to it all this time because I knew there would be a time when people needed to hear the book," said TV host and entrepreneur Alexis Bloomer of Salado.

"It's based on my own experiences of being bullied from a young age."

Bloomer is the owner of Salado based media company Breaking Records Media.

She's also the host of "Alexis Bloomer Live" at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nev., and a previous host of her own talk show on Sirius XM Radio.

She rose to fame shortly after graduating from college in 2016 when she posted a two-minute rant she recorded while sitting in her car about her millennial generation and posted it on Facebook.

In the first few days it was viewed over 40 million times.

Bloomer gained tens of thousands of online fans and was invited to numerous national news programs, but the fame also came with a price.

"I did experience bullying from that. When you're thrown into the world at a large capacity, you experience a different kind of cruelty," she said.

"It hurts from people you know, but it's really discouraging from people you don't know. It taught me a lot and definitely made me stronger."

And it wasn't the first time the Salado native experienced bullying.

She says as a young girl she was bullied about her weight and as she got older became the target of the so-called "mean girls" movement.

Her book addresses everything from children's differences in size and color to interest and dialect.

The author says when she put pen to paper she hoped to mimic her favorite children's author by using rhymes to convey a message that would stick.

"When I was a little girl I used to read Dr. Seuss books and I would memorize the rhymes. At the time I had no idea how impactful they'd be on my life in the future. But now I look back and I'm like "Oh the Places You'll Go." They shaped me as an adult."

Alexis says in the world of social media she felt there was no better time to start spreading the message of kindness.

"My generation we started off being mean to each other's faces and then it went to cyber bullying with the internet emerging. And now it's just as you grow up it's like everyone experiences it."

"I hope if anything this emerges kindness throughout the younger generation because if we can start with the younger generation at home maybe it can emerge and put it out into society more."