Salado: Police offer home watch program

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SALADO, Texas (KWTX) After two burglaries in Salado in one day, the police department is reminding residents about its home watch program.

(Photo by Megan Vanselow)

Last week a home in the 800 block of Mill Creek Drive and one in the 900 block of Blaylock Drive were both burglarized.

Police chief, Pat Boone, says the department is waiting on the district attorney to review the case, so they can get a warrant for a suspect in one of the burglaries.

"Credit goes to the citizens in this community that paid attention to things that seemed out of the ordinary." Boone said.

"It allowed us to develop leads on the suspect very quickly."
Boone says burglaries aren’t common in the village of Salado, which
could be in part, thanks to the home watch program the department has offered for years.

"We have our officers go and they can do security watches for people while they're out of town even check on family members." Boone said.

It is something they’re able to make the time for as a smaller agency.

"We like to provide more to our citizens than say a larger department, we can provide personalized service." explained Boone.

The program offers a wide variety of security allowing residents to request a simple drive-by, or have them check doors or the backyard.

"We're just looking for anything out of the ordinary most of the time, like somebody that's not supposed to be there." Boone said.

Residents can call or visit the police department for a home watch request form.

Similar programs are offered in Belton, Temple and Harker Heights.