Salado: Students raise money to help badly injured classmate

Courtesy: Salado FFA Facebook page

SALADO, Texas (KWTX) Some Central Texas students are coming together to help a classmate and his family during a difficult time.

For the past weeks at Salado High School, the Student Council class has collected spare change to make a financial donation to the family of Ryan White.

White suffered a brain injury in a traffic accident on Sept. 30.

Since then, he has been in intensive care.

His mother, Misty Coe, has provided updates on his recovery on Facebook.

On Sunday, she posted that White will have surgery to replace his skull flap.

"We are continuing to just stand on faith and know that God is the ultimate healer," she posted.

Earlier, she posted that he had opened his eyes, but just a little.

Doctors have worked to remove fluid from around the teen's brain.

White's classmates say they miss him at school and are doing all they can to help.

"I love all of his family. I'm close with both of his sisters. It's hard to see one of your classmates going through that knowing that they will be changed forever," Kaia Philen said.

"After this, he will have to go through rehab. But, I know he will make it through this and his family is doing a lot better and so is he."

Philen said the students have also delivered food to the hospital for the family.

Salado's Student Council will keep collecting spare change through Nov. 2.