She’s 6, she’s fast and she’s already setting records

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CHILTON, Texas (KWTX) A Chilton girl who turned 6 earlier this month showed some serious speed as she broke three state track and field records over the weekend.

A'Kayia Scott just started running competitively in June. (Courtesy photo)

A'Kayia Scott who just started running competitively in June, ran in the TAAF or Texas Amateur Athletic Federation summer games over the weekend hosted by Bryan, College Station and Texas A&M University.

On Thursday, in the preliminaries, she ran the 50-yard dash in 8.62 seconds, breaking the 2018 record of 8.17.

Then in the finals on Sunday she broke her own record, running an 8.53.

The same day she ran the 100-yard-dash in 16.30, breaking the 2017 record of 17.2.

“She is real, real fast,” her proud father Joseph Scott, who is also her coach, said.

“She breaks records.”

Scott, who ran track in college at Texas College in Tyler, says he’s been coaching his daughter this summer but never really knew her speed until he got her onto a track.

“No, I never saw her run until this year,” he said.

“I would see her at like field day but I’ve never seen her really run until we went to track practice.”

Scott says his daughter is preparing to enter the first grade at Chilton Elementary School and believes she has a bright future ahead as a track star.

She’s already received lots of interest from other competitive teams hoping to pick her up on their rosters.

“She has fun because she likes to get medals, so she was really happy,” he said, laughing.