Killeen: Shred Day gives safe and secure disposal option

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Killeen, Texas (KWTX) - Bright and early Saturday residents in central Texas came out to get rid of old documents and recycle old electronics.

The annual shred day was held at the First National Bank Texas in Killeen.

It was an opportunity for residents and businesses to shred important documents and protect the environment by getting rid of old electronics and cell phones responsibly.

Hard drives from computers were also taken and destroyed.

“We had people waiting in a long line right before we even started. It shows this is important to the community. They want to be able to have a secure way to shred their documents and we do it easy for them," said First National's Amanda Sequeira.

The Better Business Bureau reports more than 124,000 pounds of personal documents have been shredded since 2014 during shred day events.