Student caught with airsoft pellet gun at local junior high school

An airsoft pellet gun. (MGN/file)
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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) School officials and police were investigating Wednesday evening after a student was caught with an airsoft pellet gun earlier in the day at Gatesville Junior High School.

A student told a teacher at around 3 p.m. Wednesday that a classmate had displayed the pellet gun in a school restroom, Principal Cindy Venable said in a note to parents.

The school was locked down immediately and police were called, she said.

“School personnel and police officers, acting within their normal protocol, were able to locate the student and the airsoft pellet gun without any injury to any students or anyone else,” she said in the note.

“Personally, the district applauds the student for giving the information to the school administration so they could take swift action on securing the individual and ensuring the safety of the student body,” she said.

Airsoft pellet guns are low-power air guns that fire non-metallic projectiles made of plastic or resins.

They may closely resemble actual firearms, although orange tips are required in some jurisdictions.