Student suspended after employee of local doughnut shop attacked

A frame grab from video of the incident.
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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) An Ellison High School student was suspended and then was withdrawn from the district after he jumped on a counter to watch as two adult family members attacked an employee of a Killeen doughnut shop, school district spokesman Terry Abbott confirmed Friday.

The incident, which happened Thursday at Best Donuts at 3810 Trimmier Rd., near the high school, is under investigation, police said.

Video of the incident posted on Twitter shows the now-former student as he “jumped up on the doughnut shop counter and watched while two of his adult family members crossed the counter and assaulted an employee of the doughnut shop,” Abbott said.

“It appears no other students were involved,” he said.

“District officials are working closely with Killeen ISD Police and Killeen Police to support the investigation of this incident.”

The student and his family, as previously planned, are moving to another state, Abbott said.

“It's a deployment issue, it's a family matter they already planned for deployment,” he said.

Ellison High School graduate Kadarius Green witnessed the incident.

“Basically the lady there was calling the kid there names,” he said.

Green posted the video of the attack, which a friend shot, on his Twitter account.

The business was closed Friday.

“This was very, very sad to see. I didn't expect anybody to act that way and we as a district hope that anyone involved in this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and we'll do everything we can to help put them in jail” Abbott said.