Teen in local hospital couldn’t go to prom, so girlfriend took prom to him

AUSTIN, Texas (KWTX) An Academy High School student is touching millions of lives through a Twitter post.

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He is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor and couldn't make it to prom this year, so his girlfriend brought prom to him.

Brock Stricklin, a receiver, grew up with a football in his hand.

"He doesn't need sand and swings he just needs turf and a ball," says his dad Cory Stricklin.

But toward the end of March, something started messing with his game.

"He was having headaches for a little over a month, but nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple of days a week."

Brock took over-the-counter medicines, but soon those headaches led to a visit to McLane Children's Hospital in Temple.

"We felt like we were going in just for some medication,” Brock’s mother, Alison, said.

“Next thing we knew, we were having emergency surgery for a brain tumor."

The day after being diagnosed, Brock was bracing for six hours of major surgery.

"He just gave me a fist bump and kind of threw up the deuces and said, ‘I'll be back,” says his dad. “And he came back."

They knew they had a long journey of recovery ahead, and Brock’s girlfriend Averie decided that even within the walls of the hospital, they wouldn't miss out on a single thing.

"I talked to his older sister about it and we planned it," says Averie.

On the first day outside of his hospital room, Brock was greeted with an unexpected surprise.

While other students were able to dance the night away in their school auditorium, Averie showed up at the hospital in full glam with makeup and a prom dress.

She and Brock had their own prom night in the hospital’s lobby.

"I had no idea,” laughs Brock. “She look good; she was beautiful."

A twitter post of the hospital prom has gone viral with thousands of shares and more than two million views.

Brock wasn’t expecting all of the attention. “It's been crazy,” he says.

Averie agrees, “It has been crazy.”

She has a message for everyone who has offered prayers and their support.

"Thank you for the support, it is greatly appreciated," she says.

Brock is working hard to be able to hit the dance floor next year; that's after he does his first touchdown dance.

What's the first thing he plans to do when he gets out of the hospital?

“Play football," he says.

He's already ahead of schedule in recovery with hopes to be an inspiration to all who see his story. According to the future coach, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

"Always work hard and determination gets you anywhere," says Brock.