Officers surround local teenager, deliver birthday surprise

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) It can be unsettling when a group of police officers show up at your house--it happened to a Central Texas teenager Wednesday, however, she only crime she committed was getting older.

Thalia Maysonet-Lopez turned 19 Wednesday amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Killeen police made sure she wasn't overlooked on her special day. (Courtesy photo)

Killeen police units surrounded Thalia Maysonet-Lopez in her driveway to wish her a happy 19th birthday.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Maysonet-Lopez, the daughter of a KPD employee, couldn't have a birthday party.

Seeing similar situations on social media, her mother came up with the idea to have a drive-by birthday shout-out for her daughter.

As the family went outside to "get some fresh air", four of KPD's day shift "A" patrol units drove up.

"Am I in trouble?" Maysonet-Lopez said when she saw them.

Keeping their distance, officers exited their vehicles and starting singing her 'Happy Birthday' to help her celebrate safely during the pandemic.

"Air hug?" Maysonet-Lopez said afterwards. "Thank you!"

Her mother filmed the special moment.

"You're very welcome," an officer responded.

After the officers left, they wished her happy birthday again on social media.

"Happy Birthday, Thalia," they said in a Facebook post. "Glad we could stop by to see you and your family on your special day."

While Maysonet-Lopez couldn't have a big party, she did have birthday cake with her family, her parents say.