Two curious golfers lead police to Central Texas jail escapee

A father and a son who were playing golf at the Marlin Country Club stumbled across escapee Guy D. McClead (inset), who was lying behind a log in a wooded area.
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MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) Two curious golfers led Marlin police to a teenage escapee from the Falls County Jail Tuesday evening.

Guy D. McClead, 19, of Indiana, walked away from the jail at around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday after he and other inmates were picked up by a transport company.

“McClead ran towards the woods undetected by the transport company until some 12 hours later,” the Falls County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post, describing McLead as dangerous.

He was recaptured just before 6 p.m. Tuesday, after Jason Brown and his son James spotted a trail leading from the fifth hole of the Marlin Country Club’s golf course into a wooded area and decided to follow it.

"There was no reason we should've come down here, I'd never noticed it before. I thought maybe there were some golf balls down here,” Jason Brown said Wednesday.

“I looked and saw that log and looked and that guy, the fugitive was laying right on the other side of it on the ground like he was dead,” he said.

James discovered that the man was very much alive, however, when he poked him with a golf club and

"The guy jumped up and said ‘no, no this is just a prank and I've been out here with an air horn just pranking golfers all day,’” he said.

The Browns didn’t know that the man was the escaped inmate, but they did know he was acting suspiciously.

"We called the police and within five minutes we had 20 cop cars, helicopters dogs (and) horses,” Jason Brown said.

“We were surprised. We had no idea at first who he was,” he said.