Temple: Fourth grader steps up to help homeless

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) At a young age, a Temple student is already discovering a passion for helping the people around him.

(Photo by Kathleen Serie)

Dontez Brown, 10, is a fourth grade student in the gifted and talented program at Raye-Allen Elementary School.

Each student in the program is required to choose a “passion project” to work on throughout the winter and spring.

After watching YouTube videos of people helping the homeless, Brown decided collect blankets and toiletries items for the local homeless community.

"They don't have a home, and they should have blankets and stuff just as the regular people do, or just as the people who have a home,” Brown said.

One of his teachers said Brown is always looking to help people out, whether in the classroom or the community.

She said there is a definite need for these donations in Temple, and it is unique to see a child this young looking to help.

"They need some of the comforts of what we call home, and if a nice, warm blanket gives it to them, then that's what Dontez wants to see happen,” Brown’s teacher, Susie Contreras said.

“He wants them to feel appreciated and know that people care."

Contreras said Brown already has collected four or five garbage bags full of blankets.

The items will be donated to Churches Touching Lives for Christ in Temple.

Brown is collecting blankets and travel-sized hygiene products.

Those interested in donating can drop items off at Raye-Allen Elementary on South 5th Street in Temple during regular school hours.

Starting in April, Brown will also collect food items to donate.