Temple: Heavy rain causes 1.3-million gallon wastewater discharge

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) Heavy rainfall Wednesday caused a series of wastewater discharges in Temple totaling about 1.3 million gallons, the city said Thursday.

About 892,500 gallons discharged at 4320 Lions Park Rd., about 161,250 gallons discharged at 2501 Westwood; about 220,500 gallons discharged at 3420 Northwood; about 15,000 gallons discharged at 3010 Ira Young, and about 21,000 gallons discharged at 3550 SW H K Dodgen Loop, the city said.

The discharges affected Bird Creek between Westwood Road and Bird Creek Drive, Ira Young between South 57th Street and Interstate 35, and SW H K Dodgen Loop at Bird Creek Terrace.

The discharges did not affect the city’s drinking water, but residents with water wells within a half mile of a spill site should either use bottled water or boil well water intended for consumption, cooking or ice making vigorously before use.

The city advised residents to avoid contact with waste material, soil and water in the area affected by the spill.