Temple: School district launches YouTube channel

(Photo by Sam DeLeon)
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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) The Temple ISD has launched a YouTube channel to show parents the different lessons that are being taught in the classroom.

"I think it's awesome it just helps reinforce the idea of what we're doing in the classroom and it gets them to be able to help us on their homework when it goes home."

Tonya Chandler is a third grade teacher Cater Elementary and says it’s great to be able to create these videos and show parents how they can help their kids.

"It helps them know exactly what we're doing in the classroom and how we break down problems and it shows them what we're doing," Chandler said.

The page is set up in three different categories for elementary, middle, and high school and focuses on reading, writing and math.

Rex Threatt is a parent and works for the district, he says it nice knowing how the kids are doing things and how he can help them at home.

"It helps to know exactly what my kids are doing in school and so at least I can have conversations with them at home about what they're doing in school," he said.

The district is planning to release more videos as early as next week and encourages parents to give feedback on the kind of videos they want to see to help them understand today’s curriculum.