Temple: Delivery of aquarium tanks behind schedule

The delivery of tanks for the 7 Seas Aquarium in the Temple Mall has been delayed. (7 Seas photo/file)

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) 7 Seas Aquarium has hit another bump in the road after its tanks were not delivered on time.

Company attorney, Damon Goff says the tanks were expected Tuesday, but logistics problems in Laredo delayed the delivery.

He says the problems were sorted out and will be delivered later this week.

Operators are expecting 13 tanks, the biggest of which will hold 6,500 gallons of water

The City of Temple confirmed 7 Seas was given the green light to bring the tanks into the Temple Mall, however, they are only to be stored in the space, and cannot be up and running until plans are submitted and reviewed by the city.

Goff said Wednesday that they are working to get plans to the city as soon as possible.