Temple: New airport director’s salary $35,000 more than predecessor’s

Joseph Medici. (City photo)

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) The starting salary of Temple’s new airport director is $35,000 more than what his predecessor was being paid when she left the job earlier this year.

When Joseph Medici starts as the city’s director of airport services for Temple’s Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport on Jan. 2, he’ll be paid $123,011.20 annually, according to records obtained by KWTX.

Former Airport Director Sharon Rostovich was earning $87,963.20 when she ended her 25-year career, the records show.

Medici is coming to Temple from Flint, Mich., where he served as deputy director of Bishop International Airport.

The higher salary reflects his experience, education and certifications, Temple City Manager Brynn Myers said.

Medici graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Texas Arlington and later earned a master’s degree in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

He’s an accredited airport executive through the American Association of Airport Executives and is a certificated flight instructor.

He has 20 years of experience in municipal aviation management.

He worked for Austin’s Aviation Department from 1999 to 2015 before moving to Flint.

Prior to that, he worked for American Airlines.

Rostovich served as Temple’s Airport Director from October 1993 until June.

Prior to being appointed airport director, she had served as an airport coordinator since July 1986.

Myers says Rostovich does not hold any aviation related degrees, airport executive accreditation, or pilot or flight instruction licenses or certifications.