Temple: Residents urged to obtain survey after property lines questioned

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) A dispute between residents in a Temple neighborhood has their entire subdivision questioning if their property is actually theirs.

(Photo by: Megan Vanselow)

Neighbors on Ridge Way Drive have gone back and forth in recent months regarding property lines.

Residents on the street say they understand their garden homes to sit on the property lines as zero lot lines, however, a recent survey showed one of the women in the dispute owns part of the property on the other side of her home.

This could change everyone’s lot lines, as the original subdivision plat shows all lots are the same, 42 feet.

The issue was brought to Temple City Council last week where June Cummings says she was never told about the property lines when the house was purchased five years ago.

“We attended the closing and they neglected to explain the survey regarding boundaries or any encumbrances.” Cummings said before council.

However the city’s planning director, Brian Chandler, says Cummings survey does indicate her neighbor owns property on her side.

“I think this is probably a private property rights issue between two property owners that the city doesn't have authority to.” City Manager, Brynn Myers expressed that night at council.

Now, Chandler is encouraging the rest of the subdivision to review their surveys, and reminding all future home buyers of the importance of understanding a survey and reviewing it with a professional before purchasing a house.