Twins work at same local company for more than half a century

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TEMPLE, TX (KWTX) Since 1966 twin sisters Dorothy Stuchly and Doris Tyroch have worked together at SPJST in Temple.

The Czech life insurance company hired the sisters only 10 months apart.

Dorothy who began working at the company first, remembers the day Doris was hired,"The president of the company called me into his office one day and I went wow... what does he want? And he asked me would your twin sister be interested in working for SPJST?"

Doris accepted the offer and has been working along with Dorothy for more than 50 years,

“I needed a job because every person has to work somewhere. You have to give everyone a chance and I was given that chance here.”

Through the years the sisters were even able to confuse their bosses.

“She had a boss (Doris) that had a hard time discovering who was Doris and who was Dorthy. Her boss called after me and asked me to do a job. I said I don't know how to do it.... I asked him 'Do you know who you are talking to?' And his eyes lit up because he couldn't tell the difference between us," says Dorothy.

Both Doris and Dorothy agree they wouldn't trade their years of working with one another for anything.

When asked what it meant to work with her sister Doris didn't hesitate in saying,“It’s wonderful it really is. We are close. Someday when one of us passes it will be hard on the other because we are so close.”