Killeen: Thief steals package from front door of veteran’s home

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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) A veteran is hoping surveillance video can help police find the thief who stole a package from the front door of his home in Killeen.

An image from the security camera that recorded the theft.

Homeowner Ira Fortune said he was out shopping last Friday when he received a notification on his phone that someone was approaching his front door.

He said he watched live video from a home security camera as a man, who appeared to be with a group of people, walked up to the door, picked up the package and walked away.

Fortune said the package contained a recalled fire extinguisher that he was sending back to the company.

He had been waiting for a FedEx driver to pick up the package, but the thief got to it first.

"I hope that he gets a lesson that he can learn, and he won't be doing negative stuff anymore, because he knows that everybody's watching,” Fortune said.

From a separate camera on his home, Fortune said he watched the thief open the box, take out the fire extinguisher, and put it in his backpack.

"People will take anything,” Fortune said.
“When I saw him taking that fire extinguisher, it wasn't an item of importance, but I was just bewildered."
Fortune said he has lived in the area for about 25 years, and has never experienced anything like this.

Fortune said he plans to press charges if police catch the suspect.

As Christmas approaches and more people have packages delivered to their homes, police are reminding people to be home when their packages are scheduled to arrive.