U.S. pilots want more training on new Boeing jet after crash

Lion Air Boeing 737 / Cropped Photo: PK-REN / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 / (MGN)
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DALLAS (AP) Pilots at American Airlines are asking for more training with the automated anti-stall system on certain new Boeing jets. The system is under scrutiny after a deadly crash in Indonesia.

Pilots union spokesman Dennis Tajer said Thursday that the request followed a meeting between several American Airlines pilots and Boeing representatives.

Boeing also met with Southwest Airlines pilots.

Indonesian investigators are probing whether pilots on an Oct. 29 Lion Air flight were overwhelmed when faulty sensor readings activated the anti-stall system and automatically pushed the nose of their plane down.

The Boeing 737 MAX plunged into the Java Sea, killing 189 people.

The anti-stall system differs from those in previous Boeing 737 models.

Boeing says the MAX is safe and there is a procedure for stopping the nose-down command.