Waco: Veterans One Stop executive director steps down

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Veterans One Stop Executive Director DeLisa Russell was honored with a luncheon Friday as she steps down after leading the organization for three years.

(Photo by Drake Lawson)

During her tenure she effected a number of changes including the move of the One Stop to 2010 La Salle Ave.

“When I first came in we didn’t have a picture on the wall. We didn’t have furniture. We didn’t have all the things we have now. And the community all did this. The things you see are because of the citizens of Central Texas,” Russell said.

However she wants it to be well known while she is stepping down, she isn’t going anywhere.

“Just because I am stepping down doesn’t mean I won’t be here. I am here as a volunteer and I will always be there as a member of the military family.”