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Texas governor announces $1.6B deal for teacher raises

Senate sends $19B disaster relief bill to Trump

Pelosi suggests 'intervention' over Trump threat

Watch out: Protocol pitfalls abound as Trump heads abroad

House passes bill to help workers with retirement savings

Julian Castro joins McDonald's strikers in North Carolina

Sanders: 'Insane' to talk infrastructure after Pelosi remark

Texas moves to arm more teachers to prevent school shootings

Report: Lawmaker punched wife in face over sex

'Chick-fil-A' bill reignites LGBT opposition in Texas

Trump refuses to negotiate policy with Democrats

Democrat cautions about Trump's July 4th extravaganza

Judge refuses to block Trump bank subpoenas

Hickenlooper proposes gun licensing and safety tests

Mnuchin says he was unaware of IRS memo on tax returns

Biden finds unexpected success with low-dollar donors

'Medicare for All's' rich benefits 'leapfrog' other nations

McGahn defies subpoena, no-show at House hearing

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