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Daily Pledge

Mrs. Woodward's Class - Southwest Elementary

Mrs. Frobish's Class - Southwest Elementary

Mrs. Jackson's Class - Southwest Elementary

Ms. Godsey's Class - Southwest Elementary

Mrs. Loa's Class - Southwest Elementary

Mrs. Williams' Class - Miller Heights Elementary

Mrs. Beierman's Class - Sparta Elementary

Mrs. Duncan's Class - Sparta Elementary

Mrs. Burgman's Class - Sparta Elementary

Mrs. Hardin's Class - Sparta Elementary

Mrs. Lunceford's Class - Sparta Elementary

Mrs. Blattner's Class - Leon Heights Elementary

Mr. Davis' Class - Leon Heights Elementary

Mrs. Moon's Class - Chisholm Trail Elementary

Mrs. Hennig's Class - Chisholm Trail Elementary

Mrs. Worden's Class - Chisholm Trail Elementary

Ms. Clemons' Class - Chisholm Trail Elementary

Mrs. Thedford's Class - Chisholm Trail Elementary

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About The Daily Pledge

"The Daily Pledge” is brought to you by Centex Roof Systems.

Each weekday during News Ten This Morning, we feature a 3rd grade classroom of elementary students from a local school reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. We air this segment at approximately 5:57 a.m. during the school year.

The Daily Pledge is produced by KWTX's Creative Services Department. If your school’s 3rd grade classes would like to be featured on The Daily Pledge, please email or call: 254-741-5810