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Wayward raccoon leads to closing of elementary school

Road crew misspells 'school' in school crossing

Man sleeping in dumpster ends up in trash truck

Police: Man returns home, finds naked stranger on couch

Man wins $100,000 by playing same lottery numbers for 20 years

Senior slugger: 65-year-old woman hits burglar with bat

WATCH: Women attack good Samaritan during wild fight over hot dogs

Woman beats man with his prosthetic leg when he wants to break up

Dog found swimming 135 miles offshore in the Gulf of Thailand

WATCH: Deer crashes into store, leaves through other door

Eagles' nest has 2 dads, 1 mom and 3 eaglets

Polar bear gets lost, hundreds of miles from home

Girl finds megalodon tooth during spring break trip to NC beach

Muskrat love: Detroit-area Catholics permitted to eat rodent

Man sues parents over porn collection

No clothes? No problem.

Naked women 'air drying' at rest stop lead troopers on a chase

Arby's will be offering $6 trips to Hawaii. But there's a catch

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