Do you own or manage a business in Waco, Temple, Killeen or a surrounding city?

We can help you advertise your business through the combined power of broadcast TV and digital marketing.KWTX is the leading authority of breaking news in Central Texas and we have the data to back that up.

We are community focused and committed to being both trusted and leaned upon for news. As marketing executives, we take that guiding principle and apply it to your business. We are the most watched network over the air, on satellite, and on cable.

Why not put us to work for you?

KWTX has a team of well-trained marketing executives located close to your business. So we can help you spend your advertising dollars on the most powerful medium. We use sight, sound, motion, and emotion to showcase what makes you and your company special to grow your business.

Visit to view our portfolio
Visit to view our portfolio(KWTX)