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Flooding still an issue in parts of Central Texas

Level of surging Llano River drops, second body found

Tunisia flash floods kill at least 5, cause major damage

Florida to bend voting rules in counties hit by hurricane

Corps of Engineers releases water from Lake Whitney, Lake Aquilla

Weather service confirms 3 tornadoes touched down in Central Texas

Tornadoes are spinning up farther east in US, study finds

EPA puts off final decision on science transparency rule

France floods death toll rises to 14; 1 still missing

Life is rough at hurricane-ravaged motel of last resort

Florida officials raise state's death toll to 16

Can you hear me now? Cellphone service back up in Panama City

Could rebuilding ruin 'mom-and-pop' Florida beach town?

Hurricane Michael adds to hardship of Florida's poor

Global warming to leave us crying in our costlier beer

Floods kill at least 5 people in southwest France

Neighboring Gulf towns see different sides of storm's fury

Tropical Storm Sergio hits Baja California, weakens

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