Midway grad creates league-specific fantasy football magazine

Just Campbell's was created as a nod to Dave Campbell's Texas Football -- the popular magazine in circulation since 1960.
Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 8:18 PM CDT
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) - Campbell Thomasson found a way to turn a pandemic silver-lining into a real-life binding.

An accountant by day, the 2014 Midway graduate used unexpected time at home to create a fantasy-football magazine unique to the league of which he is a part -- The Boys Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

"It started out as a joke," Thomasson said. "Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I needed a project to keep me busy, so I asked (commissioner) Kyle (Youmans) to open up the league history on the website."

Just Campbell's was created as a nod to Dave Campbell's Texas Football -- the popular magazine in circulation since 1960.

"It's the real deal," Thomasson said. "We printed out copies for everyone and I surprised everyone with them."

The magazine's brainstormer interviewed every league owner, current and past. He penned full-page interviews for all six league champions, including himself.

"Sixty-four pages with 32,000 words," 2016 champion Bryan Rhodes said. "But if you know Campbell, I wasn't surprised at all."

"It was 126 pages in a word document, and I was able to get it down to 68 pages for a magazine on the template that I had," said Youmans, who is Just Campbell's editor. "It only took me six, seven hours, but he took close to 120 hours writing it."

Thomasson wrote a recap for every season dating back to the league's inauguration in 2014, even going as far as focusing on the tendencies and thoughts behind player trades.

After completing the project that initiated in mid-March, Thomasson and Youmans e-mailed the final draft to a Dallas distributor.

Then the entire group took a trip to Lake Whitney scheduled for early July. When they arrived at the lakehouse, Thomasson surprised the league members with their own copy of the incredible momento.

"They reacted a lot more positively than I thought they would," Thomasson said. "I wasn't sure if they would say, 'Campbell, you spent way too much on this thing.' Thankfully they all freaked out and spent the next hour reading it.

"They all loved it. It made me feel good that I didn't waste two and a half months of my life."

Year No. 7 in the league is approaching, and Youmans will attempt to become the first owner to win back-to-back championships.

While he is the defending champ, Thomasson is the obvious MVP: Most Valuable Publisher.

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