Copperas Cove: Residents struggling with water bills

Published: Sep. 30, 2020 at 8:30 PM CDT
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COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) - Almost a year since the city of Copperas Cove had to take over their utility billing system, customers say they’re still struggling with the water utility bills.

The change came after the city’s previous water company, Fathom, went bankrupt.

Steve Jarach and a handful of residents claim their water bills have doubled recently.

“Every time someone gets a bill that’s close to $300 or $400, people are gonna keep asking questions,” he said.

“This month, I’ve received a $250 bill when before, it never went over $110. Even when the city originally transitioned from Fathom, it never went over.”

Some residents claim that on moths where they used more water, they were billed less, while other months were more expensive than normal.

Several save their calls and emails asking for clarification have not been returned.

“I don’t believe they’re crooks at all,” said Ollie Holloway.

“I just believe there’s a lot of delays and technical issues.”

City Public Information Officer Kevin Keller says the issues could be the water meter or a mistake in billing.

He says if customers are having trouble and not getting responses, either call him directly or come into the utility offices in person to get it straightened out.

Either way, he doesn’t want anyone who thinks their bill is incorrect to just pay it anyway.

“We want to make sure all their questions are answered,” he said.

"If they need a review of their account, we can go back and look at the previous month and see what their usage is. If there’s a concern about the meter, we can send a team out there to check it and make sure it’s working properly.

No appointment is needed to visit the city’s utility offices.

Senior citizens will notice an increase on their next bill because starting in October, the city will no longer be giving them discounts.

The city attorney says a state law classifies that discount as discriminatory.

Anyone with further questions can visit the city’s website or contact Kevin Keller at or at (254)-547-4221 (ext. 6243).

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